The Italian Food Law Association-IFLA (Associazione Italiana di Diritto Alimentare – “AIDA”) was established on 20 December 2004 in Rome as a non-profit organisation under Italian law by lawyers and agri-food producers, who believe that issues arising from the regulation of the food sector needs increased specialized attention.

The goals of the Association are:

Improve knowledge of food law at national, European and international levels;
Promote the development of food law, with a particular focus on its interdisciplinary nature and its fundamental role in consumer protection;
Co-operate with organisations and institutions, national or international, both public and private, operating in the area of food law.

In furtherance of these goals, IFLA-AIDA provides public and private institutions in informations and analysis on the evolution of food law as well as on emerging trends reflected in general and special legislation, with particular concern for the needs of consumers and businesses.

IFLA-AIDA cooperates in creating tools and opportunities to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas amongst representatives of the agri-food sector, academics and the various institutions involved in policy development.

IFLA-AIDA has joined and collaborates closely with the European Food Law Association – EFLA-AEDA.

Articles and studies produced by IFLA-AIDA members on issues related to national and European food law are available in the foremost Italian agri-food law journals such as “Rivista di diritto agrario – Agricoltura, Alimentazione, Ambiente” edited by Giuffrè in Milan; “Diritto e giurisprudenza agraria, alimentare e dell’ambiente” edited by Tellus in Rome; and “Agricoltura, Istituzioni, Mercati – Agroindustry and Environment Law Journal” edited by Franco Angeli in Milan.

The summary included in this web site provides information about legislative and legal trends.

Admission to the Association is open to:
– Individuals who by virtue of their professional or scientific activities are interested in the area of food law and related issues, including legal specialists and academics, as well as scientists, food experts, historians and scholars in the social sciences.
– Public and private organizations, companies and legal entities operating in the agricultural and food industry including food and agro-food companies, and related trade organizations, associations or consortiums.

The members of the Association meet at least once every two years and elect a Board of between 3 and 12 members. The Board appoints the president, vice-president and secretary.

The Association’s first international Congress was held in Rovigo on 9 Dicember 2005, dedicated to the topic “Food law, globalization and innovation”.
Participants included Italian and European legal specialists, academics and representatives from the food industry, the Italian Ministry of Industry and the Food and Agriculture Organization. The reports from the Congress were published in the Journal of Agriculture Law (Rivista di diritto agrario) year 2005, volume III.