Italian Websites

Rivista di Diritto Alimentare – Journal of food law
Rivista di Diritto Agrario
 – Legal Journal of agriculture, food and environment
Rivista di Diritto Agroalimentare
Diritto e Giurisprudenza Agraria Alimentare e dell’Ambiente
– Legal Journal of agriculture, food and environment
Parlamento Italiano – Italian Parliament
Corte Costituzionale – Constitutional Court
Mipaaf – Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry
Icqrf – Department of central inspectorate for fraud repression and
quality protection of the agri-food products and foodstuffs
Agcm – Anti-trust Authority
Ismea – Institute of Services for the Agri-food Market
Idaic – Institute of International and Comparative Agri-food Law
Sistal – Association of Food Sciences and Technologies
Federalimentare – Association of Food Producers
Coldiretti – Confederation of direct farmers
– Confederation of farm holders and owners
– Confederation of farmers
Rivista Alimenta
CeDiSA – Centro Studi sul Diritto e le Scienze dell’Agricoltura, Alimentazione e Ambiente

European Websites

European food safety law
European Court of Justice
European Commission – Agriculture
Efla-Aeda – European Food Law Association
Efsa – European Food Safety Authority
European Food and Feed Law Review

International Websites

Codexalimentarius – International Food Standards
– Food and Agricolture Organization of the United Nations
– Asociación Iberoamericana para el Derecho Alimentario
National Agricultural Law Center 
University of Arkansas
UCLA – Covid-19 and Food Law